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Is it permissible to give money for an organisation for sacrifice rather than doing it personally? What about for lady who is giving sacrifice?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

No. The The Scholars say that a Muslim needs to sacrifice individually. Slaughtering is a great act of worship and it is a Shairah ( شعيرة ) which should be apparent among the Muslims, also distributing meat and eating from it as another act of worship which needs to be done.

Either you slaughter a sheep by yourself or you can share in slaughtering a cow with maximum of 7 people sharing in same cow.

A woman can also slaugter an Udheyya and she can authorize another person or a butcher to slaughter it on her behalf, this is also same for a man who is not able to slaughter by himself, he can authorize someone to do it on his behalf.



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