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I missed some Fajr and Isha prayers due to sleep. Also, sometimes I thought I was on my period, so I stopped praying, but later I realized it was not menstrual blood and that I had to make up prayers of 3 or 4 complete days. Shall I make up those missed prayers? May Allah reward you with goodness.

Shaikh Waleed Boghdady:

There is an important ruling to know which is that if someone misses his obligatory prayers because unintentionally he overslept or he might forget them and as soon as he wakes up or he remembers that he didn’t pray, then yes, he makes up the missed prayers, but as for the one who goes to sleep without intending to wake up then this has no compensation, no kaffarah for it since he missed them intentionally, it’s like for example the one who doesn’t fast in Ramadhan intentionally, so there is no kaffarah for him.

For example the one who doesn’t pray salatul asr due to forgetfulness then suddenly he listens the adhan for maghrib so he remembers that he didn’t pray asr, then in this case he has to compensate asr prayer, then he prays al-maghrib.

Leaving any prayer intentionally has no compensation at all and it’s one of the greatest sins.

You need to try to pray voluntary prayers (ad-duhaa, ar-rawaatib, qiyyam al-layl…) as much as you can and don’t compensate your missed prayers, just make tawbah.



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