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Tafseer Surat- Al-Imraan Ayaat 1-7

بسم الله   Surah (Chapter) Al-Imran is a Surah Madaniyyah. There are two types of chapters; The Surah Makkiyyah and the Surah Madaniyyah. The Surah Makkiyah are those chapters that

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Al-’Aziz  –  Al-Jabbaar

  Al ‘Aziz The One to Whom belongs might and honour in its entirely. The might and honour of strength, conquest and preventing. He Has prevented any of His creation

Ar-Razzaq-The All Provider

The One Who Provides for all of His servants. There is no creature on the face of the earth that Allah does not provide for. His providing for His servants

Al-Hadi- The All-Guiding

He is The One Who guides and directs His servants towards all that will be of benefit to them and away from all that will bring them harm. He is

Ar-Rafeeq -The Gentle

Allah is gentle to His slaves. He is gentle in His actions – He creates all created beings in stages according to His wisdom and benevolence. Even though He is

As Samee

As Sami’a one of the very very important names. A name which is with us all day, the whole day each and every minute and second we are awake. You

Al-Hakeem – Al-Hakam

Al Hakeem ­ Al Hakam Al Hakeem, the all wise the hiqmah, hiqmah is wisdom so Allah Subhanawata’ala is the all wise and is the Hakam, Hakam is when you

Shaytan wis-was – Fatwa By Ibn Baz

Fatwa on whispers of Shaytan: السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته Question: I have question regarding waswaas qahri it overwhelms me. I doubt Allah’s existence, Astaghfirullah. I know he’s