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​Ruling on how to make the agreement before nikah

Question: Since most of us in the west are predominantly converts & when seeking marriage we have to deal individuals that are not related to the woman. And although these

​Talking to your husband while still living with your parents

Question: I did the marriage contract with my husband but I’m still living at my parents. They don’t allow us to talk to each other until I go to live

Making fideyah on behalf of the deceased

Question: My father passed away in Rabi Al-Awwal from cancer and because of his cancer he couldn’t fast in Ramadan. What should we do? Do we feed the poor or

​Questions regarding prayer and children

Question: I know the hadith the one who knows most Quran to lead salah. 1. Does this mean in hifdh or the rulings? Because you know today many ppl only

​Restarting the prayer when getting confused

Question: Ustadhaa may Allaah bless  you with good. I was praying an obligatory prayer then my young brother came into my room and he was disturbing me unconsciously. I was

The relationship between shahadah and accepting qadr

Question: When I studied the Qadr of Allah i wondered if the acceptance of His Qadr is interrelated to the acceptance of laa illaha illa llah? Or if one by

​The Correct Belief Regarding Evil Eye

Question: I have been noticing for quite some years that when someone is staring at me, I stumble or sometimes even fall. I cannot say that it always happens but

​Dead Children Going to Paradise

Question: A lot of children around the world especially in Gaza are dying. Is it true that all children irrespective of being Muslims, non Muslims or children of people of

Teaching a girl Quran and other matters of the religion

Question: I need advice regarding how to start teaching a ten years old girl to recite Quran and matters of the religion. What is your suggestion regarding teaching her Aqeedah

Teaching Children About Islam and Quran

Question: My son is eight years old and I want to know what can I do to perfect his manners. Are there any books? He currently attends a local disbelievers’