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​The right age to separate boys and girls

Question: I would like to know the recommended age in which you should separate boys and girls so they don’t play together. I heard that the earliest you separate them

​Children going around a scale Kaabah

Question: Recently there has been a video going around which shows children circulating a small scale kabah, it seems they are being taught how to make hajj. Is that a

​Naming your child with strange names

Question: May Allah bless you for your efforts and grant you success, amin. Is it permissible to call to your son Dhul-Qarnain? Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh ibn Baz replied to a

​A divorced mother preventing her daughter to talk to her father

Question: I am a divorcee living a non Muslim land, and I have a three years old child from that marriage. Due to various reasons, his father is not a

​The good actions of the children

Question: May Allah protect you, I would like to know if the good action of the children will be counted the Day of Judgement. Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, only the good

​Naming a child “Hadi”

Question: What is the ruling on naming a child as Hadi? Would that be under the restriction of naming after Allah’s name, Al Hadi? Zaynab El-Kateb: It is allowed to

My grandfather’s name was changed, shall I change mine to his original name?

Question: My great grandfather’s name was Ahmed “bb”, but then he was adopted by a person called Fulaan xx. So he gave my grandfather his surname “xx”. Now my whole

​Getting marry after committing zina

Question: A  man and a woman fell into fornication, but later on they decided to get married. What are the steps to follow for this marriage to be lawful according

​My wali doesn’t pray regularly

Question: Can my brother be my wali if he does not pray regularly. He prays sometimes when we tell him to pray, but he struggles to pray voluntarily , because

Marrying a non salafi out of necessity

Question: My sister is salafi alhamduli llaah, however she has some weaknesses and does sneaky things occasionally. Although she has been advised and appears regretful, we discover that she is