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The Sunnah for the bride in her wedding

Question: Is it Sunnah if the bride beautifies herself on her wedding in front of the people? Also is it a must that we buy dress for marriage even though

Finding impurity on oneself or clothing after prayer

Question: If one washes himself after using the toilet (istinjaa’) but then notices traces of feces on one’s underwear after praying. Should one re-do the prayer? Zaynab El-Kateb: The Scholars

Tafseer Surah Al-Imraan (verses 1-7)

Tafseer Surah Al-Imraan (verses 1-7) The following pdf is a transcription of a class given by teacher Zaynab El-Kateb and it’s based on tafseer Surah Ali-Imraan by Shaikh Ibn Al-Uthaymin,

Excessive washing after using the washroom

Question: I spend a lot of time washing after passing urine, waiting for the wadhi to come so I can become clean. Nonetheless, this excessive washing has greatly damaged my

Savings in two countries, where do I pay zakah?

Question: I have savings upon which I have to pay Zakah. These savings are in two different countries. I heard that the Zakah has to be paid in the same

Travelling for Umrah without a Mahram

Question: My visa for Makkah and Madina just got approved. My father is currently in Riyadh and will join us in Makkah, in shaa Allah. Is it possible for my

The nissab of the one who has only money

Question: What is the nisaab for a person that only has money?   Zaynab El-Kateb: The nissab is what is equivalent to 85 grams of gold. So if the price

Accepting food from unislamic celebrations & congratulating them.

Question: Our kuffar neighbors and colleagues give us food on their holiday periods such as birthdays and christmas. Is it permissible for us to accept it and eat it? My

Getting involved in black lives matter movements

Question: I want to know is it permissible for Muslims to be involved in these “black lives matter” movements to any extent or any other movements that deal with racial

How to know if a person or a site is salafi or not

Question: May Allah azza wa ja’al reward you and keep you upon goodness. May He increase you in beneficial knowledge and protect you from harm. Would you please benefit me