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Ruling on being present where there is haraam

Question: I live in a foreign country so my family is apart, we’re all residing in different countries so to be connected I formed a family group on whatsapp, my

Attending a hizbi walimah

Question: Is it permissible for a salafi to attend a walimah of a hizbi? May Allah reward and bless you. Shaikh Waleed Boghdady: This is strictly prohibited. A salafi should

Relationship with someone who is not interested in Islam

Question: I would like to know what the ruling is regarding dealing with a work or school colleague to whom dawah has been given but does not accept Islam or

Asking about someone’s manhajj

Question: The director of my school said to me that my Arabic female teacher is upon the correct methodology (manhaj) and Allah knows best. Should I ask her regarding her

How to deal with People of bidah (innovation)

Question: I used to learn tafsir of Dr Farhath Hashmi and used to attend their circles. It’s nearby my home. Just a month ago I came to know it’s not

Are the Sufiyyoon disbelievers?

Question: Regarding Sufism are all of them disbelievers or are there sects amongst sufiyyun to be considered believers? I asked someone and claimed that not all Sufis are disbelievers Zaynab

Reading Al-Fatihah when one gets engaged

Question: Is it allowed to read suratul-Fatihah when one gets engaged? Zaynab El-Kateb: Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen replied to a similar question saying that t is an innovation. ri1000

The best place for women to pray

Question: When we go to Makkah, what is more rewarding for women? To pray our five daily prayer in the haram masjid or to pray in our hotel room? Will

Following sufism

Question: Is it allowed to make dhikr with dancing and dhaf like the Sufism? And to follow a shaikh even if the shaikh says five prayer and Jummah are not

Why Shaikh Rabee is criticized by people of innovation?

Question: Shall we leave people who name us “madkhalis”? What is the origin of this word? Many people say that we follow blindly Shaikh al-Madkhalee, what is your advice? Sheikh