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Making wudu while having traces of superglue in the fingers

Question: Some superglue got stuck on my hand and got stuck on to my fingers and nails. I tried removing it but some bits were still stuck on my hand.

Does touching private parts break wudu?

Question: I understand that wudu is invalidated if you touch your private parts. Is this also applicable when after a bath one applies some cream or oil on the buttocks?

Imitating kuffar customs in weedings

Question: May Allah aid you all for aiding us! I live in America and was Christian prior to being guided by Allah. I recently attended a wedding where there was

Ruling on using harmful cleaning products

Question: Is there a ruling on using cleaning products which can be harmful to your body such as bleach. It’s used everyday and everywhere in the house as I feel

Eating the meat of people of the Book

Question: What is the strongest/correct opinion regarding eating the meat of Ahlul-kitaab (Jews and Christians) nowadays? May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab El-Kateb: It is allowed to eat meat

Does make up his missed prayers the person who was insane?

Question: What is the ruling on the salah of someone who was admitted in the hospital and then was compelled to take psychiatric medication that rendered the person insane? The

White Wedding Dress

Question: Is it allowed to wear in my wedding, a white wedding dress like women wear in bilad al-kuffr? There won’t be men in my walimah. Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes, Scholars

Using a trust which someone gave us to keep for them

Question: If someone gives us a trust to keep for them and to be returned when they want it, but they refuse to take it back every time we ask,

Conditions for hair coloring

Question: I have a doubt regarding hair coloring. Can I know the ruling regarding this? Does highlighting/coloring streaks on hair only on the end portion permissible? Keeping in mind that

Celebrating jumuah eid

Question: May Allaah preserve you upon khair I wear niqaab in a non Muslim country. There are times for example on jumuah myself and family celebrate this weekly Eid by