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Looking at my sick baby while praying

Question: I am a new mum & my baby has reflux problems and when she’s sleeping/lying down she tends to vomit her milk etc and has a few times gagged,

The ruling regarding wetness from the womb

Question: I just made wudu and straight away prayed my salah, whilst praying my first 4 rakah i felt as if I am wet but i wasn’t. I finished my

Break between prayers and Remembrances after it

Question: After I pray the obligatory prayer and I do dhikr should I move to pray the Sunnah prayer? Do I have to do Dhikr after the Sunnah prayer? May

Signalling or leaving the prayer due to an emergency.

Question: There was a sister who was praying and she saw her grandson about to do something that would be harmful to him. She didn’t know what to do so

Women praying in congregation

Question: In congregation, at home or in gatherings, I usually go ahead and pray by myself when the other women get late. What is more virtuous: Praying Jamaa at the

White discharge of the womb doesn’t break wudu

Question: Does the White discharge (leucorrhea) break a woman’s wudu? And does she need to wash the clothes which get contaminated with the discharge? May Allah reward you with goodness.

Womb discharge doesn’t break wudu

Question: “Tuhr” is also translated/considered as discharge, right? This is the transparent white/sometimes thick odorless discharge from a woman which for some discharges regularly with/without being on menses. If you