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Using a trust which someone gave us to keep for them

Question: If someone gives us a trust to keep for them and to be returned when they want it, but they refuse to take it back every time we ask,

Conditions for hair coloring

Question: I have a doubt regarding hair coloring. Can I know the ruling regarding this? Does highlighting/coloring streaks on hair only on the end portion permissible? Keeping in mind that

Celebrating Jumuah Eid

Question: May Allaah preserve you upon khair I wear niqaab in a non Muslim country. There are times for example on jumuah myself and family celebrate this weekly Eid by

Reading Quran changing its words is disbelief

Question: I know people who read the Quran by saying the opposite of what is written in the Quran with the purpose of to laugh, for example while they read

The ruling on men wearing chains or bracelets

Question: In my country (Algeria) and in other countries too, it’s usual to see men wearing silver chains. Some of them, advised on this issue, say that there’s divergence among

Saying “in shaa Allah” instead of “ameen” in dua

Question: I would like to know the details of why we must end a dua by saying “Ameen” and why we must not end it with “insha’Allah” so that way

Getting rid of decorations which contain Quran and Allah’s names

Question: We have been gifted some wall decorations and unfortunately, it has verses from Quran, the name of Allah, along with images of the Ka’ba and the mosque of Prophet

Iddah for marriage after fornicating is incorrect

Question: In Spain some imams put the condition to those couples who committed zina before to get married not to fornicate again during three months, and then they can get

Eating food which had been in direct contact with pork

Question: Is it permissible to eat fish that has pork on top of it that has not yet been cooked or is the fish impure because of the pork that’s

Which type of clothes can we donate

Question: A sister has returned to Allahu taala and her non-Muslim family wants to give her clothes to the masjid. Is it better to sell them very cheaply (flea market