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When should I make ghusl after menses?

Question: My menstrual cycle have changed. Before, it used to last for 5 o 6 days. Now, in the 4th day the bleeding stops and I start bleeding again in

When is vaginal bleeding considered non-menstrual

Question: Today has made it eight days that I’m menstruating and I know it will continue because I’m still bleeding so much. May I fast tomorrow even if I’m still

Who is Allah?

Who is Allah? Many people have this misconception that there are several various gods and that everyone can just choose the god he wishes to worship. This is because they

A wife raising her voice while arguing with her husband

Question: Is it Haram to raise your voice in an argument with your husband? If so is it a major or a minor sin? Shaikh Adel As-Sayed: This depends on

My husband divorced me while I was in menses

Question: I got married and my husband divorced me while I was on my menses. I kept my iddah and some time after I completed my iddah he married me

The two opinions concerning the length of postpartum bleeding

Question: I had my baby 39 days ago and my nifas has not ended yet. Sometimes it looks as though it’s finished so I perform the ritual purification bath and

My ex husband visits our son in my house without a mahram present

Question: Me and my ex have a one year old son. Because of the distance and the young age of our son, his father comes to visit him at my

Asking for a divorce due to bad treating

Question: How to deal with a husband who beats his wife and children brutally? The beating means hitting severely leaving bruises on different parts of body including head and others.

What is khula?

Question: When a woman divorces herself due to valid reasons, does she go and get the divorce papers? Does the husband still provide for her and her kids? And, how

Making Dolls And Animals Without Features

Question: I knit dolls for children out of wool (yarn) which consists of no facial features. I am often asked if this is allowed or not as the doll still