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Differentiating between being pleased with Allah’s bounties and being proud

Question: When I recite to check my hifd to someone or to myself, I feel happy that I’m reciting well, but whenever that thinking of pride comes, I keep saying

Ruling on removing the hair of the face

Question: I have read two definitions of the prohibited action of an-Nams: It is prohibited to remove hair from the eyebrows only, and it is permitted to remove hair from

The ruling on wearing mascara

Question: What is the ruling on wearing mascara? A sister asked if it is a form of deceit because it makes the lashes appear fuller or longer than they really

Breaking a condition of the marriage contract – polygamy

Question: Before I married my husband, I asked about his plans to marry after me, and he said he only wanted one wife because his intentions were to become a

Growing eyelashes and lightening the skin for your husband

Question: Can a woman grow her eyelashes by way of using oils etc for that or does it come under changing the creation of Allah? And can a woman use

A woman teaching male teenagers

Question: Two male teachers left at the mosque. They taught boys below the age of 13 the subject of Islamic studies and tajweed. The imam said that he could not

Doing haram during an emergency

Question: The common principle in islamic jurisprudence is that anything prohibited becomes allowed in situations of emergency/coercion. However, I would like to ask you Ustadha, is it a sin upon

Definition of a traveller

Question: Which is the correct definition of a traveler, the one which says travelling is unlimited in its number of days and depends on the intention of the person or

Can we call earthquakes, floods and etc “natural disasters”?

Question: Can we call earthquakes, floods and etc “natural disasters”? Without intending its actual meaning but using it for practice. Zaynab El-Kateb: Better not to say this even if you

How to choose when there is ikhtilaff

Question: Regarding the hadith “The Prophet, may Allah exalt his mention and grant him safety, was not given a choice between two matters, except that he chose the easier of