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Correcting worships which were done wrongly due to ignorance

Question: In the past before practising salafiyah I committed many sins (even shirk). I would pray and fast, but I also committed sins which necessitated ghusl, and I didn’t know

Hitting children to discipline them

Question: There’s a sister that has a 5 year old, a 7 year old and a 13 year old children. When they do not listen to her, she would hit

Advise on How to Memorize Quran

Question: May Allah reward you Jannah and may Allah bless you in everything you do. Can you please advise me about memorising the Quran? Can you teach me a method

Reading Quran Without Understanding

Question: I know that you should recite the Quran with understanding. But even though I go through the meaning, I fail to connect with the meaning while I recite it.

A woman being sterilized

Question: A 40 years old lady who has 8 children wants to know if it is allowed in Islaam to go for sterilization? Zaynab El-Kateb: Sterilization is allowed only in

A resident wiping socks more than one day

Question: I would like to know if I need to pray again an obligatory prayer for wiping over socks that were worn more than 24 hours due to forgetfulness, please?

Passing your wet hands over the ponytail while making wudhu

Question: Is my Wudu correct if when passing my wet hand on my head my hair is all up in a ponytail? Do I need to leave my hair loose

Forced marriage

Question: I have a friend whose parents are forcing her to marry her cousin, which she does not want as he does not meet the requirements she is looking for,

What is Considered an Imitation to Kuffar

Question: In this day and age when people get married they usually have a decorated cake which the bride and groom cut together and then feed their family. Is this

What to do if you wronged someone

Question: What should a Muslim do if he wronged his brother, for example by telling things about him that were not true or other things that violated his rights, but