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Eating  Meat From Jews and Christians

Question: I know we can eat the meat from The People of The Book (Christians and Jews), but people have called this country (US) “Christian” and said everyone is of

Slaughtering with the intention to give its reward to someone

Question: I have seen that here its common that people give a sheep in sacrifice with the intention of giving the reward of the sacrifice as a gift to Prophet

Baby clothes with cartoons

Question: I try to buy clothes for my baby without cartoons but It’s really difficult to find them. Am I allowed to buy for my baby clothes with these cartoons?

Breastfeeding a baby beyond 2 years of age

Question: HafidhakumuAllaah, is it permissible to continue to breastfeed children after they pass two years of age? baarakaAllaahu feekum Umm Tasneem: As for breastfeeding children more than two years old

The Etiquette on Women Making Study Meetings

Question: What are the etiquettes of a halaka?Is it from the sunnah to have an ameerah, if so what qualities should they have? We have no scholars or students of

Arguing and debating about ikhtilaff matters

Question: What advice can you give to those sisters who debate about matters in which there is ikhtilaf to the point that they begin accusing one another of lacking deen

Entering the bathroom with a bracelet which has the name of a servant of Allah

Question: Is it allowed to enter in the bathroom with a bracelet which has the name of its owner who has the name of Allah’s servants or Prophet’s names or

The ghusl of the one who has a wound due to a surgery

Question: My sister is presently undergoing dialysis her surgery was done under the left ear that area is injected and plastered. Now she is in her periods how can she

Blind following of an imam

Question: Where I come from, a lot of people believe that the following blindly an Imam is very important. They say that if we follow the evidence from the Sunnah

Using tasbeeh

Question: I have a ”Tasbeeh” (sibhah), and I know that some Scholars said that it is not allowed. But for me, it reminds me that I must make dhikr of