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Why Muslims Love Allah

Why Muslims Love Allah Your heart is created to love the one who bestows favors on you and who treats you with goodness. So if someone showers you with favors,

From christianity to Islam…

From christianity to Islam… I always loved to learn about other cultures and religions and I wanted to know more about it. However, I thought that Religion causes war and

Financing mosques for the people of innovation

Question: Are we allowed to give money for buildings Mosques that are not upon salafi principles? Zaynab El-Kateb: As for giving money to build a mosque, definitely you should never

Travelling without mahram to husband

Question: My husband allows me to travel to him without mahram because we don’t live together yet. It’s almost 2 hours where he lives. Is it permissible to obey him

Ruling on braiding in yarn of synthetic hair

Question: May Allah allow your efforts to be a means of ease for you in this life and the next! A female who is a Cosmetologist has a question. She

Going to an Ikhwani or Disbelievers Gym

Question: There are two all women’s gyms and one is run by kuffar and the other is run by ikhawani Muslims. Which is better for the Muslim women to go