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Weakness hadith 4 rakaat after isha

Question: It is understood that the hadith regarding 4 rakaat after isha are equal to Laylatul Qadr is authentic, please correct me if my knowledge is incomplete or incorrect. How

What is tahajjud and it is from Sunnah to pray it during Ramadhan?

Question: Did the Prophet, peace be upon him, prayed tahajjud during ramadan ? Shaikh Waleed Boghdady: Tahajjud prayer is the night prayers performed late at night. It is Tahajjud when

Taraweeh: Praying last three rakaat before fajr

Question: I have a doubt regarding the taraweeh prayer. It is 8+3 rakaat, is it permissible to pray 2+2+2 rakaat after isha prayer and sleep and get up to pray

The Imam prays taraweeh with only juzz amma chapters

Question: Ahsana l-laahu ilaykum. My brother leads my family in taraweeh prayer at home. He recites only what he has memorised from the short chapters of Quran, thus this makes

A Woman Embraced Islam While Her Husband Is a Disbeliever

Question: Is it allowed for a woman who embraces Islam to keep with her disbeliever husband? Shaikh Adel As-Sayyed: Regarding the woman who is married to a disbeliever and who

Paying zakah in advance in Ramadhan

Question: If I was to pay zakah in advance, does it suffice for a lunar year? For example, if my zakah has become due in muharram and I pay in

Not fasting due to breastfeeding

Question: Can a woman not to fast in Ramadan if she is breastfeeding a 15 months baby who is takes other aliments besides his mother’s milk if she finds it

Correct position of the feet while standing in prayer

Question: When one is praying in jamaah she has to separate her feet in order to join the feet of those who are praying beside her. How shall the feet

Holding the Quran while praying

Question: Ustadhah is it permissible to hold the Quran for someone who doesn’t know from memory except a few chapters so he can read longer chapters whilst praying tarawih? Or

Listening to a Quran Recitation or Memorizing Quran During Ramadhan

Question: Is listening to the Quran a good act during Ramadhan? Especially for those who aren’t fasting? I just wondered if purely listening to the Quran during Ramadhan was a