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What would be the recommended age for girls to start wearing headscarves and abayas? It is not easy to get plain black scarves or plain any colour scarves for girls here. Everything has frills and roses and stones and etc. So I was wondering if I could buy different coloured plain fabrics and stitch for my 9 years old daughter. In case the girl is not convinced, can wewait till maturity?

Zaynab El-Kateb:

Recommended age is 9 years, but the girl needs to be willing and convinced.
Black is not a Sunnah, and it is not necessary for women to wear black. They can wear blue, green, or brown without “zeina”. We wear black because it is more concealing. As the Scholars said, I do not take the intention of wearing black as a Sunnah, it was proven that the sahabiyyaat did wear other colors than black.
Your 9 years old, is not mature yet, she can wear something with roses or stones, we encourage her to wear hijab because she needs to be shy and conservative, but wearing something colourful or with zeina is not Haram: A girl is not obliged to wear hijab until she is mature. However, she needs to try to cover herself as much as possible until gradually she reaches full hijab.



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