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Is it a personal revenge?

Hadi Hammad is devoting all his efforts and time to try and find mistakes for me, his site and Facebook page is full of my name, is it for Allah’s sake? If yes, then why he never sent me a mail or message to advise me? Why he starts by publishing any mistake on the net? Even in a translation mistakes he tries to make a scandal out of it.
This is a screenshot posted in Hadi Hammad’s Facebook page with his usual twisted comments.

I explained the name of Allah As-Samie about 3 years ago and one of the sisters transcribed the explanation in a google drive document. I never publish a transcription before it is first edited by myself then it is reviewed by another team and then we structure the text. I never edited one word of this explanation and accordingly, we never meant to publish it. It is was never mentioned in our Telegram channel and if you search it on google you will not be able to find it., What happened is that the web designer used the drafts we had in our google drive for testing before launching the site, and the admin did miss to check the explanation of name of Allah As-Samee. Anyone who saw this post will definitely realize that it is only a draft as it is full with question marks and comments saying that Ayah is needed here, or a comment saying a word here is not understood. I meant the comments of the sister who transcribed the explanation. When I went back to the transcribed document I found this sentence (which is a kufr sentence if it was meant) written in the transcription.

So, I went back to the original recording of explanation of Allah name As-Samie and found out that this was the words I said:
“Alhamdulilah that my Lord – rabbi – is Al-Samie the All Hearing, that’s why also a Rabb has to be Al-Samie, how come He is a Rabb who nourishes me and who provides for me, so he needs to AND I ON THE SPOT CORRECTED MYSELF SAYING: IT NECESSITATES THAT HE HEARS ME. In Arabic this is called يستلزم
I NEVER SAID Allah needs to hear me. Again, this is a kufr statement.

The recording of the explanation of the name Al-Samie is posted on our Telegram channel and all the sisters have it, and still I will post here an extract of this part of the audio proving that these are the words I said.

A sincere person would have sent a message to the site telling them to take care and remove a draft from the site. The following is a screenshot of the document posted just as an example of the several marks the doc had and any person who saw it would realize quickly that obviously it was a draft:

Subhan Allah, this reminds of the words of Sheikh Salih Al Al-Sheikh when he said that the hatred of your enemy will make his mind work in a brilliant way in trying to find your defaults. Accordingly, we should think about whatever the enemies accuse us of and see if something needs to be fixed. This is what I did, and I thank Allah for making a person as Hadi Hammad a reason to fix the errors found in the site.

Then the other Issue is that Hadi Hammad out of his ignorance (and I do believe that Allah deprived him from understanding about Him subhanahu wa taala), he denied on me that I replied to a questioner asking if a Scholar listed Al-Mustaan as one of Allah names and I replied saying Al-Mustaan is an attribute and not a name.
He proudly stated opinions of Scholars who differed in proving it as a name of Allah. then he started relying on himself in deciding if Al-Mustaan is an attribute or not, HE SAID:

Whether it is a name from the names of Allah or it enters what you can say about Allah (which seems strong) is something, and saying it is an attribute it is something else which is wrong.
You can say Ya Rabana Ya Rahman Ya Mustan but you can never say ya Knowledge of Allah , Ya mercy of Allah. Ahlu Sunnah did not differ that it’s kufr to call upon an attribute of Allah.
This shows how Al-Mustaan is not an attribute. End of Hadi’s words.


Now I ask Hadi: Where is the opinion of Scholars?
Here is the link:

These are just exmples of how Hadi tries to exaggerate any mistake and to make as much scandal as possible. I don’t have time to reply to the endless lies of Hadi, and I believe that I should only focus on my efforts in dawaa, believing that the Haqq will prevail as it is aided by Allah.

I am waiting for a precise answer from Hadi Hammad, are you doing this for the sake of Allah or are you doing it because I warned the sisters from sending him their Zakah money and their Riba money? That I posted how he proudly announced in his WhatsApp group with sisters that he takes money to be able to answer their questions, that he puts himself on the zakah list and then posts pictures showing an extravagant style of living.
Is it because I warned sisters from being deceived by him as he keeps encouraging sisters to escape from their muslim families and marry him (of course after first sending him money to his bank account).

I here confirm that when I told Sheikh Hassan Al-Banna about Hadi Hammad and what he did, I stated that I did not warn against his Aqeeda I just warned my sisters in Islam from his deception, and Sheikh Hassan replied to me:

No one should take knowledge from this man.

Then comes again Hadi Hammad saying in a twisted way that he thanks Allah that Sheikh Hassan was able to see his innocence. I challenge you ya Hadi to prove this. You are a Liar.

My last comment:
If there is a Sheikh supporting you ya Hadi Hammad in this in this world, then who will support you on the day of Recompense.

I ask Allah to protect us from the evil of “fitan” and to guide us to the straight path and keep us firm upon it, and I ask Allah to grant us the honor to serve this dawaa sincerely for His sake without any personal benefits.



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