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Stopping Classes During Ramadan

Question: Is it true that the Companions used to stop the classes during ramadan in order to dedicate completely to do ibadah (worshiping Allah)? Zaynab El-Kateb: There is no hadith

The imam prays taraweeh with the Mushaf

Question: What is the ruling on praying as the imaam and reading from a Mushaf especially in Taraweeh for a group of women at home? May Allah reward you with

Arriving at the masjid late for Ishaa in Ramadan

Question: If we arrive late for the Ishaa prayer in the masjid and the Taraweeh prayer has already started, should we pray Isha first or join the imam? Zaynab El-Kateb:

Q&A Regarding Tahajjud – Taraweeh

Question: I have few questions regarding salatul tahajjud please.  Do we need to sleep n wake up to pray tahajjud or it will be considered tahajjud even if we stay

Islam Is Against Terrorism by Shaikh Sulayman Ar-Ruhaily

Medical Answer to Some Common Vaccination Concerns

Question: I noticed in a recent question you said you should give vaccines and have tawakkul. I wanted to make you aware of something that is happening in the west.

Can I fast the latter part of Shabaan?

Question: If I have only kept one fast before the middle of Sha’ban, is it permissible for me to fast during the latter part of the month? Shaikh Waleed Boghdady:

Why has the Quran got sajdas?

Question: Why has the Quran got sajdas? I read that the sajdas are in the places in the Quran where Allah mentions that he wrecked and punished several people and

Naming the child conceived outside wedlock

Question: May Allah reward you with khayr and aid you in your efforts. A woman was conceived out of wedlock and then her mother married a different man while she

Girls staying in a hostel for education

Question: Is it permissible in Islam for girls to stay in a hostel for worldly education? Zaynab El-Kateb: Sheikh Ibn Al-Uthaymin replied that this is an issue which he was