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Passing your wet hands over the ponytail while making wudhu

Question: Is my Wudu correct if when passing my wet hand on my head my hair is all up in a ponytail? Do I need to leave my hair loose

What is considered an imitation to kuffar

Question: In this day and age when people get married they usually have a decorated cake which the bride and groom cut together and then feed their family. Is this

What to do if you wronged someone

Question: What should a Muslim do if he wronged his brother, for example by telling things about him that were not true or other things that violated his rights, but

A woman in iddah attending a weeding

Question: I know it’s the brother’s right when he invites you to a wedding that you accept the invitation and go to the wedding party. Now this is the case:

Women wearing trousers in front of their husbands

Question: I want to know if it’s permissible for me to wear pants at home for my husband. A friend of mine said I can not wear pants, not even

Men covering their heads

Question: There is a custom in India, when men pray they put a cap on their heads. In some of the mosques there are extra caps provided for those who

Saying inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajiun for a kaffir

Question: Can we say inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raajioon when we hear the death of a disbeliever? Zaynab El-Kateb: You can say it as a true statement. This statement

How can a couple be cured from evil eye or magic

Question: How can we know if someone is afflicted by the evil eye? I know a couple who has been married for years. The husband did not feel love towards

Advising Parents Making Bad Dua To Their Children

Question: What is the best way for a daughter to advise her parents who curse their children whenever they do something wrong, or do not agree with them on important

Raising the hands in dua al-qunut and khutbah al-jumuah

Question: What should we say when the imaam recites qunoot in witr prayer? Also, after the khutubah which is given before the jumuah prayer, when the imaam makes dua, shall