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Husband not agreeing to khula

Question: My husband gave me khula about 9 years ago, then he regretted it and we decided to get married again after about two months. And I said to him

Leaving husband’s house in iddah

Question: I want to know when a husband divorces his wife once and she leaves the home during period of iddah. Is she divorced? If her husband divorced her only

Does a man need his parents’ approval to get married?

Question: My friend is a revert. Someone is ready to marry her but his parents don’t allow him to because they are worried about the social issues that might happen.

Shia relatives

Question: What should you do if your close relatives are shia? Should you keep ties with them? If so should you keep your speaking to them limited? May Allah bless

The ruling on contraception

Question: Is limiting the number of children without using invasive contraception permissible? Zaynab El-Kateb: Limiting the number of children is not permissible except for a valid reason as health problems

Making an ultrasound to know the baby’s gender

Question: I wanted to know that nowadays it is wide spread that pregnant ladies try to know the gender of the child by ultrasound, so that they can do shopping

Signs of Puberty on a Girl

Question: There is a Muslim woman in my family 16 years old who still doesn’t have her menses. She rides horses and her teacher is a man. Is she committing

A widow passing iddah at her parents house

Question: I would like to ask on behalf of our sister whose husband was murdered by an unidentified man while he was in salatul Ishaa’ in the masjid that is

Cutting curly or long hair above the eyebrows

Question: In the time before Islam I used to pluck and cut my eyebrows very long time like my eyebrows became different from my natural and they have changed as

Wearing a wig in front of her husband due to alopecia

Question: If a woman suffers from scarring alopecia. (Permanent hair loss where the scalp scars) And has been seen by numerous medical doctors that specialize in hair loss and has