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​Are husband’s sons still mahram after divorce?

Question: I would like to know; do your husband’s sons still remain a mahram for you if you are divorced from him (their father) May Allah reward you with goodness.

​Obeying your husband exposing private parts in front of a camera

Question: I apologise for late posing such a question but this issue is a growing problem and source of argument in my marriage. My husband lives in a different country

​Following your husband in case of ikhtilaff

Question: I want to know what to do in matters of ikhtilaaf in a marriage. There are fataawa of Scholars that are different where the husband and wife follow different

​How can a housewife increase her iman

Question: I am a new married and I am going through a lot right now and it is making me decrease in ibaadah and I feel as if I’m depressed

​Frequency for intercourse with her husband

Question: I would like to know what is the frequency that a woman has the right to have intercourse with her husband, I could not find any evidence about it.

​The responsibility of taking care of your in laws

Question: A sister finds it difficult to get along with her step mother in law. The mother and father’s husband are quite healthy and able to look after themselves.The local

​Loving kuffar parents

Question: Is it permissible to say to our disbeliever parents the statement “I love you”? Or shall we avoid this type of expression? Someone said it is allowed because we

​Visiting and helping a mother who has an alcohol problem

Question: My mother has an alcohol problem. May I visit and sit with her while she drinks? She needs my help in the home. Shaikh Hasan Al-Banna: Allah said:  وصاحبهما

​Can a father who does not pray regularly be a Wali?

Question: A sister’s father does pray sometimes. She does not know exactly how much he prays. And when he prays, he prays sitting, because he says he is too sick

​How to keep ties with your family members

Question: I know that sirat rahim is very important in Islam and that it is prohibited to cut the bonds with your Muslim family. My question is, how do I