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Ruling on working in banking sector

Question: Is there anything like permissible and impermissible work to do in banking sector for Muslims? Do all bank jobs come under haraam? If my disbelievers parent ask me (I

Kissing the mushaf after accidently dropping it

Question: If one accidentally drops a Mushaf, is it an etiquette to take it and kiss it showing our apologies? This is prevalent in our place, sometimes the Mushaf is

No salafi tajweed teacher in my area

Question: I am learning the arabic language at home from madinah arabic books almost everyday. I can read the Quran a little now but I don’t understand every word but

Hanging verses of the Quran on desks or walls

Question: Is it permissible for the sake of the remembrance of Allah, to stick verses of the Quran in front of my desk in order to help me and remind

Reading Quran without wudu from a mobilephone

Question: Is it allowed to read Quran from a mobile app without wudu? Umm Abdel-Malik: Some Scholars said that having wudu while reading Quran is Sunnah but not obligatory, even

A widow slaughtering

Question: Is it obligatory for a widow woman to slaughter an animal? Zaynab El-Kateb: If she can afford the qurbani (sacrifice) and lives in her own house independently, then it

Can we give Sadaqah for the reward to benefit the deceased?

Question: If someone dies in the family, can the children or spouse give sadaqa or charity with the intention of benefiting the deceased with the reward of that act? Zaynab

Taking charge of the funeral of a kaffirah mother

Question: What is the responsibility of a Muslim children of a kaafirah in regards to planning her funeral? This woman does not have Non-Muslim children or anyone else she trusts

Gathering to recite Quran when someone dies

Question: In India it is a common practice when a person passes away all his/her relatives get together and recite Quran. Also after 2, 3 or 10 days they again

Delaying to have children untill after hijra

Question: Is it allowed for a couple to delay having children until they are able to make hijrah? They don’t want to raise children in Bilaadul Kufr, because it is