Boycotting a Drinking And Smoking Muslim Mother

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My mother has converted to Islam since one year now Alhamdu lillah. She still smokes and drinks alcohol sometimes. She tried to fast during Ramadan but she gave up after five hours on the first day. I am very sad about it.
I have already tried to give her advice but she doesn’t listen and says it is too much for her and that she will fast next year, I told her you do not know if you are alive then. So my question is do we ” boycott ” her?
Please advice, may Allah reward you with goodness.

Zaynab El-Kateb:

We are not allowed to boycott our mothers under any circumstances. Yes you keep visiting her and advise her in a very gentle and kind way, try to soften her heart, talk to her about Allah and the rewards of Allah , about the Jannah. Make sincere dua for her every day. I ask Allah to guide her heart and to grant her strength in her Iman.



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