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We are constructing a home for ourselves and we are not in debt, but we use our income for the construction. We would like to do Hajj too but I fear for my two-year-old foster daughter, as I am not sure if I can take her for Hajj or not because of the crowds. My mind saying I should take her and put trust in Allah and be patient with the hardships that come, as I don’t have anyone here who can care for her. I would also not feel okay parting from her. So what do you advise? Can we postpone our Hajj until next year and wait for financial ease? Bear in mind that if we use our money for Hajj this year, the construction of our home will be affected, but only slightly.

If we go next year, the girl will be three years old too, in shaa Allah, so it will be easy for all of us; Or should I just ask my husband to go alone this year?

Shaikh Hassan Al-Banna:

If this is the house where they do live and they do not have any other house, then they should build their house first. But if they have another house and this house that is being built is an extra, then Hajj will take priority in that case. She should also take the girl with her in such a case because Hajj is to be performed as soon as one has ability and there must not be laxness in doing that.




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