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Playing personality based quizzes.

Question: Lately a lot of quizzes are seen popping up which asks you what herb or flower you like then goes onto tell you about yourself, personality etc upon what

Falling into despair after committing a sin

Question: I have – absolutely unintentionally – wronged someone and made him suffer a lot due to a sin I have made, and I have feared the punishment of that

Making an act of worship seeking a worldly reward

Question: I understood from kitaab at-tawhid that a person should not seek reward in the dunya for his righteous actions, but I read in a hadith that hajj wipes out

Some recommended books to learn aqeedah

Question: What book in English can I refer to learn the creed? May Allah reward you with goodness Zaynab El-Kateb: Examples of books in English you may use: “Al-Usul ath-Thalaatha”

Why Muslims Submit Only to Allah?

Why Muslims Submit Only to Allah? As Muslims, we believe in Allah and we submit only to Him. Why? Because He is The Only One Who provides for us, Who

Differentiating between being pleased with Allah’s bounties and being proud

Question: When I recite to check my hifd to someone or to myself, I feel happy that I’m reciting well, but whenever that thinking of pride comes, I keep saying

Can we call earthquakes, floods and etc “natural disasters”?

Question: Can we call earthquakes, floods and etc “natural disasters”? Without intending its actual meaning but using it for practice. Zaynab El-Kateb: Better not to say this even if you

Saying that the Companions differed in Aqeedah

Question: I have no doubt that it is impermissible to differ in Aqeedah. However, is it correct to say that the sahaba differed in some of the furoo'(branches) of aqeedah

Al-Mustaan is one of Allah’s attributes

Question: I want to know if Al-Mustaan has been mentioned as one of the names from the beautiful names of Allah in list compiled by any Scholar from the salaf.

Swearing by the Mushaf or by an Ayah

Question: Can we swear by Quran or by such and such ayah? Zaynab El-Kateb: The Quran is the words of Allah, so you can swear by the Quran as we