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Can we call earthquakes, floods and etc “natural disasters”?

Question: Can we call earthquakes, floods and etc “natural disasters”? Without intending its actual meaning but using it for practice. Zaynab El-Kateb: Better not to say this even if you

Sending your child to catholic school

Question: Should a child be removed from a catholic preschool that forces him to pray? The child is educated in the Islamic belief and when they reached the prayer schedule,

Books to teach children sirah

Question: Could you please tell me which books are trustworthy to teach children the stories of the Prophets and the seerah with, in both/either or Arabic or English. Zaynab El-Kateb:

Dealing With Relatives Who Left Islam

Question: My cousin left Islam and joined Hinduism, do I keep ties with her? If yes, how do I treat her? Shaikh Adil As-Sayyed: You need to try to talk

How to Be a Muslim and What to Do Next

First your heart has to believe in the Oneness of Allah sincerely, based on knowledge, so the first step is to know about Allah through the Book He revealed to us (the Quran) and to use the rational proofs found in His creation. In everything from the creation of Allah, there is a sign proving His Oneness and Perfection. All of the creation and what it contains from perfect wonders and the absolute wisdom, indicates the perfection of Allah’s power, will, wisdom and mercy.

Does publishing and act of worship decrease its reward?

Question: If a person makes public an act of worship which was done privately, for example praying the night prayer, then do they lose the reward for it? Zaynab El-Kateb:

Saying that the Companions differed in Aqeedah

Question: I have no doubt that it is impermissible to differ in Aqeedah. However, is it correct to say that the sahaba differed in some of the furoo'(branches) of aqeedah

Hanging Quran verses

Question: Can you please tell me what is the ruling of hanging ayaat from Quran on the wall or in the car, etc? Even if you know it does not

Disposing of papers containing Allah’s name written in any language

Question: What is the ruling of disposing of paper on which the name of Allah is written in a language other than Arabic, for example English, Hindi, Spanish etc? Shaikh

Name of Allah: Al-Qareeb – Al-Mujeeb

القريب المجيب Al-Qareeb – Al-Mujeeb The Close – The Responsive He, Exalted is He, is close to each and every one of us (with His knowledge). This closeness is of of