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Dying Beard With Henna

Question: What is the ruling on dying the beard with henna? Is it wajib or mustahab? When we see the Scholars on video I don’t see the henna so I’m

Shortening of the hair

Question: I want to know about hair cutting. Is it permissible for me, as a woman, to cut the hair short as I am unable to handle my long hair?

Ruling on colouring the hair

Question: What is the ruling on hair coloring? Is it permitted to colour the hair or thin parts of hair fuschia (a shade of pink) or red as is the

Resembling the haircuts of the kuffar

Question: What is the ruling on growing my son’s hair long and putting it in a bun at the back? Is it allowed? May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab

Ruling on braiding in yarn of synthetic hair

Question: May Allah allow your efforts to be a means of ease for you in this life and the next! A female who is a Cosmetologist has a question. She

Ruling on removing the hair of the face

Question: I have read two definitions of the prohibited action of an-Nams: It is prohibited to remove hair from the eyebrows only, and it is permitted to remove hair from

The ruling on wearing mascara

Question: What is the ruling on wearing mascara? A sister asked if it is a form of deceit because it makes the lashes appear fuller or longer than they really