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A woman praying with nylon socks

Question: Is it permissible to wear nylon socks to cover feet especially in salah? It’s a bit transparent but it doesn’t reveal the colour of the skin. May Allah reward

A woman uncovering in front of a 7 years old boy

Question: I came across the question and answer of a Scholar where the questioner asked about the age at which a woman should wear hijab in front of boys and

Taking of the jilbab amongst other women

Question: Is it permissible to take my jilbaab off when i’m at a wedding with only women. And to wear a dress without head covering instead. I heard that you

Carrying a shoulder bag

Question: Is it allowed to carry a handbag/shoulder-bag? Zaynab El-Kateb: We cannot say that it is haram. But we say if we carry a bag in a way which will

Women going to female swimming pools

Question: May Allah reward you for your effort. There are (inside) swimming pools where normally mixing between men and women finds place. Is it permissible for a woman to swim

Women wearing trousers in front of their husbands

Question: I want to know if it’s permissible for me to wear pants at home for my husband. A friend of mine said I can not wear pants, not even

Wearing jilbab without underscarf

Question: Is it permissible to wear a jilbab without wearing an underscarf/khimar? So the woman is completely covered but she is not wearing 2 layers on her head, i.e. She

Niqab – covering eyes or not

Question: May Allah reward you with goodness. Is it allowed to leave the eyes open from the niqab if you do not follow the opinion that it is an obligation?

Recommended age to start to wear hijab

Question: What would be the recommended age for girls to start wearing headscarves and abayas? It is not easy to get plain black scarves or plain any colour scarves for

Wearing Heels only in a private gathering

Question: What is the ruling on wearing heels to a wedding if they are shown (not deceitful regarding height) for short period of time? They would not be worn on