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Fiqh Of Fasting | Religion of Islam - Part 2

Fiqh Of Fasting

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Not being able to make up fasting due to chronic illness

Question: Somewhere between my 13th and my 25th, I’m not sure, I have not made up my fast of Ramadan (menstrual period) by ignorance. Now due to a chronic illness

Fasting on the day of travel

َQuestion: I hope this question finds you well and in high iman. My question is, if I plan to travel overseas in Ramadan and the flight is scheduled to leave

Nullifiers of fasting

Question: What are the things or actions that nullify the fasting? Does wearing makeup or parfume in front of non mahaarim nullify it? Zaynab El-Kateb: What nullifies fasting: Eating Drinking

Ruling on how to compensate missed fastings due to breastfeeding or pregnancy

Question: If one couldn’t fast due to delivery, and was unable to fast those before next Ramadan, what is the ruling of making them up and fidya? Please can you

Fideyyah is not for missed fastings due to menses

Question: I am pregnant. Last year I didn’t fast 7 days due to menstruation. Now I couldn’t fast those missed days due to my pregnancy. I read a fatwa of

Fasting extra hours due to a travel

Question: I finished my 12th day of Ramadan then I travelled to India. When I reached India, it was again the 12th day of Ramadan. I therefore repeated the fast

Does brown discharge, directly before or after menses, affect fasting?

Question: May Allah reward you for your efforts! Ameen. Yesterday I fasted, completed my fast, prayed and ate. At maghrib time I believed that I was still in the state

Fasting to expiate an oath, while able to feed the poor

Question: I made an oath to Allah, but then I broke it in forgetfulness. I expiated for it by fasting 3 consecutive days, but after I fasted those days I

Combining one’s intention in fasting

Question: When a person decides to fast a few days with the intention of fasting for Allah’s sake but also to lose weight, is this considered a type of shirk?

​The best type of fast versus fasting everyday

Question: Is it permissible to fast every day as some of the Companions used to? I am aware that the best fast is that of Dawud, peace be upon him.