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Correct position of the feet while standing in prayer

Question: When one is praying in jamaah she has to separate her feet in order to join the feet of those who are praying beside her. How shall the feet

Holding Mushaf in nafilah prayers

Question: If a sister is not able to go out for taraweeh and prays at home alone is it allowed for her to hold the Mushaf while she is reciting

Differences between men and women’s prayer

Question: May you please clarify if there is a difference in the way men and women pray? There are narrations given to me stating that the women must sit on

Combining prayers due to sickness

Question: Can a person combine prayers without shortening if she is sick and if she feels her sickness might become worse later on in the night and also because she

The remembrances are to be said after obligatory prayers

Question: I have a question regarding prayer. After I pray the obligatory prayer and I utter my remembrances, should I move to another place for praying Sunnah or voluntary prayer

Women reciting loudly in prayers while being alone

Question: Are we allowed to recite the Quran loudly in obligatory prayers when we pray alone at home in the way imam does in the mosque? Zaynab El-Kateb: There is

The prayer of the one who is not able to purify himself

Question: My father is in a hospital and has one of these hospital bags attached to him to relieve himself. He stopped praying because he feels dirty (sometimes he gets

Shortening and combining prayers before to start a travel

Question: Can a person, who intends to travel, shorten and combine dhuhr and asr prayer before they set off on the journey, whilst still being at home? At what point

Praying in advance and combining prayers whilst being out of home

Question: I would like to know if I could pray at home in advance if I’m going to be outside during the prayer time. Is there any hadith which proves

Ruling on following timetables for prayer

Question: People here follow prayer timetables. But I’ve noticed that it’s still so dark at the time which is supposed to be fajr as I am now living in the