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A woman embraced Islam while her husband is a disbeliever

Question: Is it allowed for a woman who embraces Islam to keep with her disbeliever husband? Shaikh Adel As-Sayyed: Regarding the woman who is married to a disbeliever and who

Letter to my Christian father

Letter to my Christian father In the name of Allah The Most Merciful, The Compassionate. Do you know my dearest father, we live far away from each other yet this

From christianity to Islam…

From christianity to Islam… I always loved to learn about other cultures and religions and I wanted to know more about it. However, I thought that Religion causes war and

Name of Allah: Al-Qareeb – Al-Mujeeb

القريب المجيب Al-Qareeb – Al-Mujeeb The Close – The Responsive He, Exalted is He, is close to each and every one of us (with His knowledge). This closeness is of of