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Medical Answer to Some Common Vaccination Concerns

Question: I noticed in a recent question you said you should give vaccines and have tawakkul. I wanted to make you aware of something that is happening in the west.

Quran & adhkar are a cure for the heart

Question: I get panic and anxiety attacks every month.  My heart starts beating very fast and I get anxious.  I am regular in my daily azkar. I do the duas

Ruling on Cornea/Eye Donations

Question: My brother is an ophthalmologist. They do cornea transplant surgery (only a membrane from eye is taken) and this doesn’t disfigure the dead body it has been removed from)

Donating a Kidney to Your Relative

Question: This is an urgent question on behalf of a sister. Both my father’s kidneys have failed. He is 74 with 20% heart and ICD (pacemaker) on his heart. He

How To Deal With A Contagious Sickness

Question: When a person or child is sick with a fever, a bad cough, and/or a cold, do we take precautions by giving them separate drinking or eating vessels and

Are fertility treatments allowed?

Question: Are fertility treatments and investigations a valid reason for a woman to expose her awrah to female physicians? Zaynab El-Kateb: The Scholars say that infertility is an illness which

Going to an Ikhwani or Disbelievers Gym

Question: There are two all women’s gyms and one is run by kuffar and the other is run by ikhawani Muslims. Which is better for the Muslim women to go

Taking by The Means to Be Cured

Question: We live in an age of numerous illnesses. What stand should we Muslims take regarding the treatment of diseases? Should we treat or be patient upon them? Zaynab El-Kateb:

A woman being sterilized

Question: A 40 years old lady who has 8 children wants to know if it is allowed in Islaam to go for sterilization? Zaynab El-Kateb: Sterilization is allowed only in

Ruling on using teeth wires (braces)

Question: I have heard that according to the hadith, making changes in our face is not allowed. Some of my teeth are not in proper order and people find it