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Decorating Our House

Question: I wanted to know if it is permissible to decorate homes with flowers or frames or the like, please. Does this come under Israf? I really want to decorate

Toilet Facing to The Qibla

Question: I would like to know what is the ruling regarding the toilet facing kibla or East . Please can you clarify the ruling regarding this as early as possible.

Arguing and debating about ikhtilaff matters

Question: What advice can you give to those sisters who debate about matters in which there is ikhtilaf to the point that they begin accusing one another of lacking deen

Entering the bathroom with a bracelet which has the name of a servant of Allah

Question: Is it allowed to enter in the bathroom with a bracelet which has the name of its owner who has the name of Allah’s servants or Prophet’s names or

Blind following of an imam

Question: Where I come from, a lot of people believe that the following blindly an Imam is very important. They say that if we follow the evidence from the Sunnah

Using tasbeeh

Question: I have a ”Tasbeeh” (sibhah), and I know that some Scholars said that it is not allowed. But for me, it reminds me that I must make dhikr of

Doing haram during an emergency

Question: The common principle in islamic jurisprudence is that anything prohibited becomes allowed in situations of emergency/coercion. However, I would like to ask you Ustadha, is it a sin upon

How to choose when there is ikhtilaff

Question: Regarding the hadith “The Prophet, may Allah exalt his mention and grant him safety, was not given a choice between two matters, except that he chose the easier of

Giving salam when entering home

Question: Would you please explain what is obligatory upon those entering the home in regard to salaams to the empty home and those who are present? Included in that would

Hanging Kaabah pictures

Question: Is it allowed to hang Kaabah pictures on the wall? Zaynab El-Kateb: Bellow Shaikh Abdel Muhsin Al-Abbad says that this could be similar to hanging verses of Quran and