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Working in a non-Muslim army

Question: Is it allowed for a Muslim man to work in the Spanish army? Shaikh Hasan Al-Banna: It’s not allowed for a Muslim to join the army of the disbelievers.

Voting and Taking Bribes From a Candidate in Elections

Question: What is the ruling on a Muslim candidate for parliamentary elections who gives voters money to vote in favor of him? Can the money which is given by this

Going to an Ikhwani or Disbelievers Gym

Question: There are two all women’s gyms and one is run by kuffar and the other is run by ikhawani Muslims. Which is better for the Muslim women to go

What is Considered an Imitation to Kuffar

Question: In this day and age when people get married they usually have a decorated cake which the bride and groom cut together and then feed their family. Is this

Using the masjid as a shelter for non-muslims in time of calamity

Question: In times of crisis like floods and earthquakes when everyone is stranded, not only Muslims but people from other religions as well, can we open up mosques for them

What is the ruling on copyrights in Islam?

Question: What is the ruling on copyrights in Islam? If a book has copyrights, can we copy the boom into other form? Zaynab El-Kateb: Sheikh Ibn Al-Uthaymeen said that you

Denouncing a drug dealer

Question: Is it correct to denounce a person who is supposed to be a Muslim but he sells drugs? I have a Muslim relative who is addicted to drugs and

Women shaking hands with men and vice versa

Question: I graduated quiet recently. During the ceremony, we have to go on stage and the dean shake hands with all students before awarding the degree. My question is, if

Women Driving

Question: What’s the ruling about a woman driving alone and going shopping? Zaynab El-Kateb: There is no ruling in Islam to prohibit the woman from driving. The women companions did

Women riding bicycle

Question: Is it permissible for women to ride bicycle and also motorcycle? I am asking this because here in Maldives some salafi sisters go to some places using that. They