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The prayer of the one who is not able to purify himself

Question: My father is in a hospital and has one of these hospital bags attached to him to relieve himself. He stopped praying because he feels dirty (sometimes he gets

Praying Qiyyamul-Layl with ishaa wudhu if one has istihadhah or incontinence

Question: In the summer the time of isha is 11:30 and fajr is like 3:30 in our country. In this period I stay awake till fajr because it is too

Making wudu and praying while having incontinence problems

Question: I pray dhuhr when there is on my 15 mins left before Asr because of my incontinence but before I complete my wudu for dhuhr I already urinate myself,

A resident wiping socks more than one day

Question: I would like to know if I need to pray again an obligatory prayer for wiping over socks that were worn more than 24 hours due to forgetfulness, please?

Passing your wet hands over the ponytail while making wudhu

Question: Is my Wudu correct if when passing my wet hand on my head my hair is all up in a ponytail? Do I need to leave my hair loose

Breaking wudu in congregational prayer

Question: When praying with the congregation, if one feels like their wudu is broken what should they do? Also, what should one do if one is sure that their wudu

Brownish water for wudu

Question: The water in our bathroom and hot tap is brownish. There is a fault somewhere in the tank or pipes. Is this considered najis? Zaynab El-Kateb: If this water

Passing wind/urinating due to sickness while praying

Question: A brother has chronic sickness which causes him to pass wind very often. He makes his wudu just before his prayers. Often during prayers gas builds up in his

Making wudu with makeup

Question: If you had wudhu before applying make up (foundation and mascara) and then you break your wudhu, when you make wudhu again is it enough to wash over the

Making wudu while having sinusitis

Question: Noble brothers may Allaah reward you. A brother and myself after we make wudu suffer from a kind of allergy in the nose, which causes us have constant nasal