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Baby clothes with cartoons

Question: I try to buy clothes for my baby without cartoons but It’s really difficult to find them. Am I allowed to buy for my baby clothes with these cartoons?

My parents want to take pictures for my waleemah

Question: After many years Allah has blessed me with the opportunity to get married to a brother in a few months in shaa Allah. My family that is not practicing

Taking pictures of the body without the head

Question: I’ve learned about how picture taking is impermissible for things which have a soul. My question is, is it permissible to take pictures where only half or part of

Making Dolls And Animals Without Features

Question: I knit dolls for children out of wool (yarn) which consists of no facial features. I am often asked if this is allowed or not as the doll still

Drawing some body parts for educational purposes

Question: I want to teach my child the five senses and the respective sensory organs as well as their parts and functions. In order to carry on this task, I

The ruling on emoticons

Question: What do the Scholars say regarding emoticons/smileys? Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh Zayd Al-Madkhalee said that there is no need to use a happy face or sad face and that this

The ruling on videos containing faces

Question: There’s an important documentary that I would like to watch, as it addresses a very important problems that we face nowadays about personal security and privacy. But it contains

Ruling on explaining Quran through animation

Question: Can I please get daleel about not describing any Surah through animated explanation? There is a known speaker who does this and have a huge following and unfortunately many