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Where is one’s Zakah al-Fitr to be payed

Question: Is it okay if my husband pays my Zakat Al-Fitr in Jeddah whilst I celebrate Eid in India or do I have to pay it here itself? What happens

The Sunnah of women praying Eid at the Musala

Question: Are we commanded to pray Eid prayer at the Mosque as opposed to the other prayer at home? Zaynab El-Kateb: No, Salat Al Eid is a Shaaira i.e. It

Women in menses going to the mosque on Eid day

Question: I know that women should go to the musalla (place of prayer) on the day of Eid even if they are in menses but here they don’t pray in

Doing specific worship on the night preceeding eid

Question: Is there any importance for the night preceding Eid? Some people say the night before Eid is “lailatul jaaizah” and they stay awake in worship like how they stay

How did the salaf spend their day of aid

Question: After Aid prayer, how did the salaf spend the Aid day? What sort of activities did they use to do, men, women and children? May Allah bless you wa

Announcing eid a day before then other countries, whilst the moon was not sighted

Question: There is a confusing situation going on in Ireland regarding Eid. Two islamic organizations have announced Eid for Tuesday (1st of shawal on Tuesday) but they announced this 4

A woman going to the musallah (in the masjid) in aid while being in menses

Question: Where I live they will pray salah al aid in the masjid and not in an open space as the Sunnah says. I will be in menses and as