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Can we give Sadaqah for the reward to benefit the deceased?

Question: If someone dies in the family, can the children or spouse give sadaqa or charity with the intention of benefiting the deceased with the reward of that act? Zaynab

Giving sadaqah and asking for dua

Question: Is it allowed to feed the orphans and ask them to make a certain supplication for us? An example of this would be taking iftar to them and asking

​Manners of giving charity

Question: Hayaki Allah ukhti. What is the proper adab (manners) for someone who wishes to give charity to a needy person? I’m finding that if I rely to some sisters

​Giving sadaqah from halal and haram wealth

Question: İf one has a mixture of wealth which is halaal and haraam can they still give charity from it with the intention to please Allah and expecting a reward,