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Where is one’s Zakah al-Fitr to be payed

Question: Is it okay if my husband pays my Zakat Al-Fitr in Jeddah whilst I celebrate Eid in India or do I have to pay it here itself? What happens

Fasting monday’s and thursday’s or other voluntary fasts during shawwal

Question: A person who normally fasts Mondays and Thursdays, wants to fast on a Monday in Shawwal intending the Monday fast. Will that be counted as one of the six

Doing specific worship on the night preceeding eid

Question: Is there any importance for the night preceding Eid? Some people say the night before Eid is “lailatul jaaizah” and they stay awake in worship like how they stay

How did the salaf spend their day of aid

Question: After Aid prayer, how did the salaf spend the Aid day? What sort of activities did they use to do, men, women and children? May Allah bless you wa

Announcing eid a day before then other countries, whilst the moon was not sighted

Question: There is a confusing situation going on in Ireland regarding Eid. Two islamic organizations have announced Eid for Tuesday (1st of shawal on Tuesday) but they announced this 4

A sister paying fideyyah for missed fasting from her dowry

Question: A woman couldn’t fast for five years in Ramadan because of her two pregnancies and breastfeeding. Financially, she fully depends on her husband and her husband is not paying

Weakness hadith 4 rakaat after isha

Question: It is understood that the hadith regarding 4 rakaat after isha are equal to Laylatul Qadr is authentic, please correct me if my knowledge is incomplete or incorrect. How

What is tahajjud and it is from Sunnah to pray it during Ramadhan?

Question: Did the Prophet, peace be upon him, prayed tahajjud during ramadan ? Shaikh Waleed Boghdady: Tahajjud prayer is the night prayers performed late at night. It is Tahajjud when

Taraweeh: Praying last three rakaat before fajr

Question: I have a doubt regarding the taraweeh prayer. It is 8+3 rakaat, is it permissible to pray 2+2+2 rakaat after isha prayer and sleep and get up to pray

The Imam prays taraweeh with only juzz amma chapters

Question: Ahsana l-laahu ilaykum. My brother leads my family in taraweeh prayer at home. He recites only what he has memorised from the short chapters of Quran, thus this makes