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Making up missed fastings nullified by shirk

Question: When I reached puberty, I was commiting shirk and also fasting without praying, so my fastings were nullified due to this, and I also missed fastings later on due

Correcting worships which were done wrongly due to ignorance

Question: In the past before practising salafiyah I committed many sins (even shirk). I would pray and fast, but I also committed sins which necessitated ghusl, and I didn’t know

Dealing With Relatives Who Left Islam

Question: My cousin left Islam and joined Hinduism, do I keep ties with her? If yes, how do I treat her? Shaikh Adil As-Sayyed: You need to try to talk

​A waliyy who makes fun of the religion

Question: Can a brother who doesn’t pray, makes mockery and debates some things of the religion out of ignorance, be a wali in marriage for his daughter or his sister?

How to deal with relatives that don’t pray and mock Islam

Question: A sister’s brother doesn’t pray and doesn’t follow the teachings of Islam. He denies some ahadith and he mocks some parts of Islam because of his ignorance. He was