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How to identify a true Scholar

Question: How can I identify a person of Knowledge or a Scholar? How can we know who to take knowledge from these days? Zaynab El-Kateb: The true Scholars are known,

How to treat those disbelievers who don’t show hostility towards Islam

Question: How should we treat non-Muslim neighbours, family etc, especially those who are very kind, helpful, offer gifts and don’t show any hostility against Muslims or Islam? Also some of

Accepting religious leaflets from Non Muslims

Question: If a Christian hands you one of their dawah leaflets while in public should we take it from them? If a Christian knocks on our door to call us

Prohibition for a male to teach a woman being alone

Question: Can a young male teach a woman in khalwa (being alone) with her wearing her niqab or sitar? What if there are more people? Zaynab El-Kateb: No. This is

Advising one who left off practicing Islam

Question: How should we deal with our friend if she stopped practicing Islam? Should we search a way in order to try for her to return to the religion or

Permissibility to teach others after gaining some Islamic knowledge

Question: I studied Fundamentals of Islam for one year, then I started attending classes of explanation of the Quran regularly through Quran classes and videos. Presently, I’m learning aqeedah and

What shall I teach to a new Muslim?

Question: A woman asked me what she should focus on first being a new Muslim, what should be her priority now? Zaynab El-Kateb: Learning Aqeedah is most important but learning

What to do with cd’s of deviated individuals

Question: Before being guided to salafiyyah, I listened to lectures of refuted individuals. Once I was aware of their deviances, I stopped. However, I still have their cd’s and I

A woman teaching male teenagers

Question: Two male teachers left at the mosque. They taught boys below the age of 13 the subject of Islamic studies and tajweed. The imam said that he could not

Sending your child to catholic school

Question: Should a child be removed from a catholic preschool that forces him to pray? The child is educated in the Islamic belief and when they reached the prayer schedule,