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Complaining about someone for a purpose is not backbiting

Question: I live with my husband’s family who are neither upon the correct manhaj, neither do they have good manners. They spend their free time in gheebah and the like

My husband talks to the wife of his brother

Question: Alhamdu lillah I have a good salafi husband but I am scared for something. Because he has contact with the wife of his brother. She doesn’t wear hijab she

Living with non Muslim in-law

Question: BarakaAllahu feekee for the efforts that you all put forth and I ask Allah to increase you upon khayr, sincerity, firmness and humbleness! My non-Muslim mother-in-law lives with my

Can a widow travel with her non-Muslim father-in-law?

Question: Can a widow travel with her non-Muslim father-in-law? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes. If he is trusted, meaning he knows that he cannot think of a relationship with her and treats

Is it obligatory to visit our parents in law?

Question: Should one avoid going to their parents in law if one knows they have a bad effect on one’s religion? Is it obligatory upon the woman to have frequent

Taking care of parents in-law

Question: How does one combine the fact of not being an obligation to serve our parents in law but at same time you have to help around with the household

​The responsibility of taking care of your in laws

Question: A sister finds it difficult to get along with her step mother in law. The mother and father’s husband are quite healthy and able to look after themselves.The local