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Travelling without mahram to husband

Question: My husband allows me to travel to him without mahram because we don’t live together yet. It’s almost 2 hours where he lives. Is it permissible to obey him

Forced marriage

Question: I have a friend whose parents are forcing her to marry her cousin, which she does not want as he does not meet the requirements she is looking for,

How Can a Couple Be Cured From Evil Eye or Magic

Question: How can we know if someone is afflicted by the evil eye? I know a couple who has been married for years. The husband did not feel love towards

Ruling on how to communicate with your wali

Question: What is the ruling on communicating privately between a sister and her wali (no mahram)? When the information exchanged is private, how should the communication be between them? May

Forcing a woman to marry a person of innovation

Question: May Allah bless you and reward you for your efforts. I know a sister whose mother is forcing her to marry a brother she is not pleased with. She

Permissibility of getting married to your own descent

Question: Is having a preference for a husband (when seeking one) of your own descent ruled as discrimination? Zaynab El-Kateb: No, this is not ruled as discrimination because a woman

Breaking a condition of the marriage contract – polygamy

Question: Before I married my husband, I asked about his plans to marry after me, and he said he only wanted one wife because his intentions were to become a

Contraceptives and IUD

Question: A lady has her menstrual bleeding for nearly 15 days as she is wearing an IUD for contraception. Otherwise her normal period is only for 6 or 7 days.

Bride’s family insist on taking pictures

Question: My son is proposed to a girl. The girl and her family are religious, but they insist on taking photographs and videos for wedding in spite of our advice.

Complaining about someone for a purpose is not backbiting

Question: I live with my husband’s family who are neither upon the correct manhaj, neither do they have good manners. They spend their free time in gheebah and the like