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Ettiquete regarding a wedding invitation

Question: When you have a walimah, is it a must to celebrate it with those you love? If I invite some friends who are upon the methodology of the pious

Who can see the bride’s face before nikah

Question: When a man comes to meet a woman with interest in marriage (with her mahram of course), is the father of the man allowed to see the face of

Saying “talaq” three times at once

Question: I pronounced the word talaq three consecutive times while I was angry and I was swearing it. My wife is pregnant and she is still living with me. Is

Rejecting a wedding invitation

Question: If anyone of you is invited to a Walima (wedding banquet), he must go for it. (Bukhari) The worst food is that of a Walima to which only the

Living with non Muslim in-law

Question: BarakaAllahu feekee for the efforts that you all put forth and I ask Allah to increase you upon khayr, sincerity, firmness and humbleness! My non-Muslim mother-in-law lives with my

Obeying husband in haram

Question: My husband is part of a business center that has both Muslim and non-Muslim members. They are into drugs, alcohol and every evil. Every year for Ramadan, my husband

Can a widow travel with her non-Muslim father-in-law?

Question: Can a widow travel with her non-Muslim father-in-law? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes. If he is trusted, meaning he knows that he cannot think of a relationship with her and treats

Is it obligatory to visit our parents in law?

Question: Should one avoid going to their parents in law if one knows they have a bad effect on one’s religion? Is it obligatory upon the woman to have frequent

Asking for divorce due to jealousy (polygyny)

Question: Can a woman who is experiencing extreme jealousy due to polygyny ask for a divorce. The sister is also 8 months pregnant and is affecting her mood and appetite.

Making the nikah in the mosque

Question: Hope you’re in the best of health and imaan inshaAllah. I thought that nikah can be done in a masjid and it is according to the Sunnah as well.