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A wife sharing bed with her co-wife due to financial problems

Question: If a brother has two wives and he has some financial problems. Can we all live in the same house and share the same bed if we all agree

Not getting married until rectifying oneself from shortcomings

Question: I have a friend who has never been married, she says she doesn’t desire to get married right now because she is lacking in her Deen (religion) and how

Ettiquete regarding a wedding invitation

Question: When you have a walimah, is it a must to celebrate it with those you love? If I invite some friends who are upon the methodology of the pious

Who can see the bride’s face before nikah

Question: When a man comes to meet a woman with interest in marriage (with her mahram of course), is the father of the man allowed to see the face of

Saying “talaq” three times at once

Question: I pronounced the word talaq three consecutive times while I was angry and I was swearing it. My wife is pregnant and she is still living with me. Is

Rejecting a wedding invitation

Question: If anyone of you is invited to a Walima (wedding banquet), he must go for it. (Bukhari) The worst food is that of a Walima to which only the

Living with non Muslim in-law

Question: BarakaAllahu feekee for the efforts that you all put forth and I ask Allah to increase you upon khayr, sincerity, firmness and humbleness! My non-Muslim mother-in-law lives with my

Obeying husband in haram

Question: My husband is part of a business center that has both Muslim and non-Muslim members. They are into drugs, alcohol and every evil. Every year for Ramadan, my husband

Can a widow travel with her non-Muslim father-in-law?

Question: Can a widow travel with her non-Muslim father-in-law? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes. If he is trusted, meaning he knows that he cannot think of a relationship with her and treats

Is it obligatory to visit our parents in law?

Question: Should one avoid going to their parents in law if one knows they have a bad effect on one’s religion? Is it obligatory upon the woman to have frequent