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Talking to the fiancé

Question: Is this type of communication allowed in Islam? They do this to ask each other questions before marriage and the father of the sister knows about the situation and

My husband talks to the wife of his brother

Question: Alhamdu lillah I have a good salafi husband but I am scared for something. Because he has contact with the wife of his brother. She doesn’t wear hijab she

Determining the good husband

Question: Ustadhah, my friend is searching for a righteous spouse and she has received a proposal from a student of knowledge. After praying the prayer of consulting Allah (istikharah) she

Informing fiancé about past sins

Question: May Allah bless you. Is it upon an individual to inform a potential spouse of her past mistakes or should she hide her faults? How should one deal with

My husband ill-treats and insults me continuously

Question: If the husband ill-treats his wife and insults her may she distance herself from him because getting insulted frequently hurts and she has no interest to serve him because

Forcing a woman to marry

Question: A divorced salafi sister is acting like a mentally ill person as her parents want her to marry a man who doesn’t pray. She refuses to go forward with

A wife sharing bed with her co-wife due to financial problems

Question: If a brother has two wives and he has some financial problems. Can we all live in the same house and share the same bed if we all agree

Not getting married until rectifying oneself from shortcomings

Question: I have a friend who has never been married, she says she doesn’t desire to get married right now because she is lacking in her Deen (religion) and how

Ettiquete regarding a wedding invitation

Question: When you have a walimah, is it a must to celebrate it with those you love? If I invite some friends who are upon the methodology of the pious

Who can see the bride’s face before nikah

Question: When a man comes to meet a woman with interest in marriage (with her mahram of course), is the father of the man allowed to see the face of