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Women teaching boys in case of necessity & viceversa

Question: I live in the West, where schools are for both boys and girls. We have quite some Muslims here and schools from the first class to high school have

How to explain death to a small child

Question: How do we explain death to a three year old child? Specifically in the case of a death of a close relative. Zaynab El-Kateb: We need to tell this

Drawing some body parts for educational purposes

Question: I want to teach my child the five senses and the respective sensory organs as well as their parts and functions. In order to carry on this task, I

Studying dunyah matters in a christian school

Question: I have completed my higher secondary school and my relatives compel me to pursue higher studies (College) but I don’t have interest in it. So, under such compulsion is

Trying hard to stop shouting at my son

Question: How can I have sweet words and a good behavior while I’m trying to raise my son? He sometimes doesn’t listen to me until I become very nervous and

Teaching children Quran through actions

Question: I would like to know if teaching kids small chapters with actions permissible in Islam. Goal is to make the kids have a visual memory and understand the meaning

How to Help Children to Memorize Quran

Question: What is the best method to help children memorize the Quran? For the children’s hifdh: The child sits with the mother and reads the surah with her twice or

Refraining From Quran Competitions Fearing Riaa

Question: May I know whether taking part in hifdh competitions are to be encouraged in kids and adults as well? Since it may lead to showing off? Zaynab El-Kateb: Yes,

Teaching a girl Quran and other matters of the religion

Question: I need advice regarding how to start teaching a ten years old girl to recite Quran and matters of the religion. What is your suggestion regarding teaching her Aqeedah

Teaching Children About Islam and Quran

Question: My son is eight years old and I want to know what can I do to perfect his manners. Are there any books? He currently attends a local disbelievers’