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Sending your child to catholic school

Question: Should a child be removed from a catholic preschool that forces him to pray? The child is educated in the Islamic belief and when they reached the prayer schedule,

The ruling on babies wearing either gold or silver

Question: Are baby boys allowed to wear gold? Am I allowed to put golden bracelets to my baby boy which had been gifted to us? Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh Ibn Baz

Children sharing sweets to their classmate in eid

Question: At school the kids always bring with them treats when it’s their birthday to share in class with their fellow classmates. I never celebrated my kid’s birthday as it’s

Books to teach children sirah

Question: Could you please tell me which books are trustworthy to teach children the stories of the Prophets and the seerah with, in both/either or Arabic or English. Zaynab El-Kateb:

Children attending schools which are not upon Sunnah

Question: My daughter attends a Muslim school. The headteacher is not upon the Sunnah. I have had to ask for my daughter not to participate in various activities which are

Shaving baby girl’s hair

Question: Can a baby girl’s head be shaved after her Aqeeqah? She will be around six months or one year old. May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh

The ruling on hitting children for not praying

Question: It was new knowledge to me that even at ten years of age,we should beat kids only with siwak. May you please clarify the ruling on this? May Allah

Do zina children relate to the father?

Question: A sister became pregnant from zina, and she got married to the father when she was in her third month of pregnancy. Does the child link to the father

Dealings of a divorced father with his child

Question: I am a divorcee living in a non Muslim land, and I have a three year old child from that marriage. Due to various reasons, his father is not

Women teaching boys in case of necessity & viceversa

Question: I live in the West, where schools are for both boys and girls. We have quite some Muslims here and schools from the first class to high school have