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How to Protect Children From Evil Eye

Question: If a mother feels that her children have been affected by evil eye, is there any dua specific for it that can be recited besides the Maudhatain and Ayat

Baby clothes with cartoons

Question: I try to buy clothes for my baby without cartoons but It’s really difficult to find them. Am I allowed to buy for my baby clothes with these cartoons?

Contraceptives and IUD

Question: A lady has her menstrual bleeding for nearly 15 days as she is wearing an IUD for contraception. Otherwise her normal period is only for 6 or 7 days.

What is the age to separate children

Question: I would like to know the recommended age in which you should separate boys and girls so they don’t play together. I heard that the earliest you separate them

The best names

Question: I need to know which names are better. Is there a ruling regarding naming children after Angels? May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab El-Kateb: The Prophet, peace be

Non Muslim Mother Wants To Celebrate Muslim Grandchild’s Birthday

Question: My non Muslim mother wants to invite our non Muslim family members to our home for the birthday of my daughter. Everyone in my family knows I do not

Obeying our parents if this implies haram

Question: May Allah reward you. Ameen. I am struggling  more and more with my parents lately as they are against full covering (jilbab).I cannot wear it in front of them

Sending your child to catholic school

Question: Should a child be removed from a catholic preschool that forces him to pray? The child is educated in the Islamic belief and when they reached the prayer schedule,

The ruling on babies wearing either gold or silver

Question: Are baby boys allowed to wear gold? Am I allowed to put golden bracelets to my baby boy which had been gifted to us? Zaynab El-Kateb: Shaikh Ibn Baz

Children sharing sweets to their classmate in eid

Question: At school the kids always bring with them treats when it’s their birthday to share in class with their fellow classmates. I never celebrated my kid’s birthday as it’s