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Children playing with dice

Question: Can the small kids play games with dice, or it’s haram for them too? May Allah reward you with goodness. Zaynab El-Kateb: It’s prohibited even for children according to

Shall I spend same amount of money in all my children?

Question: In shaa Allaah you and your loved ones are in a good state of health and imaan. My question concerns the equal treatment of children with regard to material

Grief after my daughter left Islam

Question: I have been a Muslim for two years now, alhamdu lillah. However my husband and I are the only Muslims within both of our families. I have five children.

Giving to a child whatever he demands

Question: I have two kids, one is stubborn and demand more. He often demand costly toys and most of the time we fulfill his demand. The other one demands less

Changing my clothes in front of my child

Question: May Allah reward you abundantly for your efforts! Ameen. I’d like to ask that can I change my clothes in front of my baby or can I take my

How to explain death to a small child

Question: How do we explain death to a three year old child? Specifically in the case of a death of a close relative. Zaynab El-Kateb: We need to tell this

Drawing some body parts for educational purposes

Question: I want to teach my child the five senses and the respective sensory organs as well as their parts and functions. In order to carry on this task, I

How To Deal With Disrespectful Children

Question: I have a son who disrespects me at times. He’s only nine and I remind him to fear Allah and we go over information on respecting the parents etc.

Studying dunyah matters in a christian school

Question: I have completed my higher secondary school and my relatives compel me to pursue higher studies (College) but I don’t have interest in it. So, under such compulsion is

How many lambs shall we sacrifice for two male twins?

Question: How many lambs should I sacrifice in order to fulfil the aqeeqah for two male twins? If I don’t possess the wealth to buy them could I only buy