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How to deal with relatives that don’t pray and mock Islam

Question: A sister’s brother doesn’t pray and doesn’t follow the teachings of Islam. He denies some ahadith and he mocks some parts of Islam because of his ignorance. He was

​Who is the father of a child conceived out of wedlock?

Question: I know there’s the opinion if there was a marriage which took place then the man is seen as the father, but in this case there was no marriage

​Living with your hindu family

Question: There is a young revert sister who lives with her hindu family. During festivals/family gatherings, her parents ask her to do actions that come from Hinduism – like pooja

​What to wear in front of your husband

Question: I would like to know if there is any restriction regarding the clothing that we can use exclusively  in front of our husbands (when husband and wife are alone)

​Hijrah to an oppressed country

Question: I got married a year ago. My husband doesn’t want to work and doesn’t bear the costs of our house. We live at my mother in laws’ and due