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A widow passing iddah at her parents house

Question: I would like to ask on behalf of our sister whose husband was murdered by an unidentified man while he was in salatul Ishaa’ in the masjid that is

Wearing a wig in front of her husband due to alopecia

Question: If a woman suffers from scarring alopecia. (Permanent hair loss where the scalp scars) And has been seen by numerous medical doctors that specialize in hair loss and has

My mahram doesn’t want to travel back to home with me

Question: I’m on a vacation and I arrived here with my brother. My father lives here and owns a hotel. My brother decided to stay longer and my dad was

How many lambs shall we sacrifice for two male twins?

Question: How many lambs should I sacrifice in order to fulfil the aqeeqah for two male twins? If I don’t possess the wealth to buy them could I only buy

Unveiling in front of stepfather’s male relatives

Question: A sister just married a brother and she has a daughter from her previous marriage. She asks if her daughter can unveil in front of the new husband’s father

Investing government help I receive for my children in other needs

Question: Are the child benefits that I receive from the government property of my children or can I just give them what they need and use the rest for my

A mother keeping in bilaad al-kuffar if there is fitnah in that country

Question: I am a revert Muslimah and I am planning to travel to a Muslim country in order to get married and live there in shaa Allaah. However, I have

Imitating kuffar customs in weedings

Question: May Allah aid you all for aiding us! I live in America and was Christian prior to being guided by Allah. I recently attended a wedding where there was

Reading Quran changing its words is disbelief

Question: I know people who read the Quran by saying the opposite of what is written in the Quran with the purpose of to laugh, for example while they read

My husband doesn’t pray

Question: A sister is married since 7 years and has a child of 5 years and is in a dilemma as to pursue the marriage or not. Her husband doesn’t